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Written by a carer
9th May 2020

Dr Bakshi, Is Hope,Faith,Care,Family. He Started as my daughters Consult, for some of the most Severe Immune Complex sufferings. He got a Sick child out of bed. A Out of school child into College. He made a Depressed 12yr old Light up. My daughter had a year of maintaining her degree of life quality, after Dr Bakshi entered the Private Sector. Along with the 3yrs of Excellent care with Dr Bakshi. Her health deteriorated March, after tireless efforts in the healthcare system, She was without any hope of understanding why no one understood her Current Situation. After 7wks Grace at 14. Broke down, I watched her give up, Whilst begging for Dr Bakshi. Within immediate contact with Dr Bakshi in Private Healthcare he was ELITE, SPECIAL, NURTURING, AS Ever his initial Diagnosis was entirely full of exactly how Grace was displaying. I am writing this Post Prior to starting Grace on a new way forward BECAUSE I CAN. Because already just from one communication so far. He is the Light to her Darkness, Smile to Sadness. When their comes a time as parents, we are lost with a health issue with our Child. This man is the most Educated, Humble, Kind, Miracle YOU SHOULD SEEK. XX

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