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Written by a carer
22nd January 2020

My daughter has severe allergies and used to see Dr Bakshi at Queen's Medical (Notts) when she was very young. He is very knowledgeable and on seeing Dr Bakshi for the first time I felt like I had a better understanding of my daughter's allergies and how to deal with them. I felt reassured. He informed me of research in this area and directed me to literature, to give a more thorough understanding. He is patient and explains step by step what happens with regards to the skin prick tests and using Jext pens. I have now had my daughter see him at his private clinic as I didn't feel I had the same sort of care and medical expertise offered at Queen's Medical as before when he was there. I am extremely grateful for his help at talking with my daughter's schoolteachers and providing them with information and understanding regarding her allergies and associated risk to enable my daughter to take part and be included in an overseas school trip. I can't recommend Dr Bakshi enough and wish to express my sincere thanks to him for helping us diagnose, understand and cope with my daughter's severe life threatening possible life-long condition. Thank you.

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