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Written by a patient
23rd July 2008

I, unfortunately have many medical problems and Dr S is my GP. Unfortunately for him as I am not able to work I have time on my hands to surf the net and watch daytime telly so usually have plenty of questions to ask him when I see him. He is patient and does listen to what I have to say, even when I question him on medical issues concerning me and also other members of my family. All my immediate family are registered at the same practice as me and where possible I try to persuade them to see Dr S. This of course does nothing to help shorten his appointment list but at least I know they're in the best hands. May I also add, that the receptionists (although in many cases get a bad press) are always cheerful and helpfull (even when I'm not at my best) and try their best to accomodate my requests, no matter how inconvinient, so a small message of gratitude for them on the front line! This is just my opinion and comments for our surgery, no doubt other people would totally disagree and wonder if I was talking about the same place, however I'm very happy to be registered there so if anyone from the surgery is reading this keep up the good work and thankyou!

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