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Written by a carer
19th December 2019

We visited this doctor this week at The Portland hospital. Dr Sawczenko was most attentive and kind to my niece who was very nervous about her visit. He listened patiently to both my niece and my sister in law. He explained the diagnosis and not only the diagnosis however the reasoning behind it to give us a full understanding of the condition and why. He also gave further information on vaccines and really went over and beyond his role. I can personally say from the physical examination to the discussion Dr Sawczenko was fantastic with the child. He made jokes, gave simplified answers and also re assured the child regarding the nature of her condition. I would highly recommend Dr Sawczenko to other families and parents. As a self funding patient he was also very honest about fees and actually advised that some tests we requested were not necessary and that we should save our money. An overall genuine and fantastic doctor. We are most grateful for his time and expertise.

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1 2 3 4 5
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