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Written by a carer
13th March 2014

Dr Sawczenko is a trusted doctor who is caring, thoughtful, considerate and who listens. He has seen both my sons and in particular for my youngest son who’s life has changed after correct diagnosis and medication. For over a year and a half he was seen by the GP, numerous out of hour’s doctors and even a pediatrician (NHS). No answers were ever given to us as to what was wrong with him, and no proper medication just antibiotics, which was prescribed every 5/6 weeks and I knew this wasn’t right. My son was also missing school a lot and it reached the point where he was unable to participate in sports. I was at my wits end. I found Dr Sawczenko after some online research, he was able to see my son quite quickly and after examining my son and to my relief I was finally given a diagnosis. From then on he was prescribed the correct medication (which has been followed up consistently with the GP) was given an x-ray and to date he is now a happy, energetic boy and participates in the sports that he loves. Both my sons quoted Dr Sawczenko to be funny and a nice man. I cannot thank him enough and I highly recommend him. He is also very easy to reach should you have any worries or queries and he replies back quickly and promptly. Thank you once again.

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