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Written by a private patient
30th December 2021

We saw Professor Gatrad for my daughter who was losing weight and suffering from vomiting and stomach pain. We had our appointment with him within a week of contacting him and he even saw us for a follow up on his Birthday! Professor Gatrad is kind, friendly and highly professional. My daughter immediately warmed to him and was happy to engage with him. He was the first doctor who had really listened to my concerns and within a few minutes of the call he told me what he thought the problem was and this turned out to be right. Within two weeks my daughter received an accurate diagnosis and treatment. She is now recovering well and is a different child! This is down to the exceptional care we received from Professor Gatrad. You can tell that he truly cares about each patient and does his best for them all. I am so grateful for him listening to my concerns and getting my daughter back to her happy and energetic self.

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