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Written by a NHS patient
27th February 2023

on the ball people with a pretty nifty portal. automation is handy. SMS alerts are sent when your case notes are updated. the portal is a bit clunky but still better than anything you'll encounter on an NHS website. Everyone I've dealt with has been lovely, and very efficient too! If SMS could be sent to alert of upcoming prescription issues it'd be perfect

2nd March 2023
Response from Psychiatry-UK

Hi - Thank you for your feedback. It is always really useful for us to hear about patient experiences, good or bad, so we can make sure we address any problems quickly or make changes to our processes if needed. We are really pleased to hear that you have found our portal an efficient way to communicate, and that you have had a positive experience overall. I have noted your suggestion re. an SMS alert of upcoming prescription issues, and will pass on to the appropriate department.

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