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Written by a private patient
29th March 2022

I feel like my appointments at PsychiatryUK are always hurried, and it's hard to communicate all the relevant information in such a short period of time. It always feels like I'm trying to explain something but the doctor is simply asking rapid-fire questions, trying to write down the key points, and then moving on before I can even articulate myself. I'm anxious that this way he might be missing some important information. It would've been easier to ask questions if I weren't hurried like that. The review appointment for ADHD medication was meant to last 30 minutes but the doctor was a couple of minutes late and the meeting ended before the 30-minutes mark. Similarly, the diagnosis appointment was only 50 minutes long, so PUK charges people a lot of money for appointments that don't even last a full hour or half an hour, and that is a shame. I understand that the staff are under a heavy workload due to the RTC ADHD referrals but it's not fair on us paying patients, when we can't even discuss our concerns in depth, but get charged £360 and £180 to be seen... How can they diagnose people with lifelong mental conditions such as ADHD or ASD, and prescribe those people controlled substances on top of that, when they barely have the time to listen? I am not even convinced that my doctor fully read the reports I was meant to send him for our initial appointment. During titration, the nurse would not always answer my question, instead giving me some copy-and-paste response. For instance I would say that the medication makes me sleepy, and she would tell me what to do if the medication makes it hard for me to fall asleep, which is the complete opposite of my issue. I would only use this service as your last resort if you do not have any better options. At least it's quicker than the NHS, and can be a starting point on the road to treatment/getting accommodations.

1st April 2022
Response from Psychiatry-UK

We are really sorry to hear that you have felt your appointments with P-UK have been hurried and that you have not been able to say everything you wished to. Our assessment appointment time is typically 50 minutes, although the meeting may go slightly over this time if the consultant does not feel they have all the information they need to make an accurate diagnosis. We do say to patients that if they feel there is any additional information they would like to make their clinician aware of, they can add these details into their case notes on the portal. There is a full guide to our assessment process on our website (Treatments & Conditions > ADHD > What to expect from an ADHD assessment). If you feel you would like to discuss any of these points further, please do get in touch with our Patient Experience Team. You can contact them on: Thank you for feeding back: it is always really helpful to hear about any problems that crop up, so we can find ways to address them or make changes for future patients.

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