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Written by a patient
8th October 2019

Una has been amazing helping me work through problems/ issues I didn’t realise I had. I went thinking I was struggling with the passing of my dad but this was just a small part of my problems. I wonder how I would be if Una hadn’t been there to help me work through everything. I have gone from a very sad distraught person on my first visit to a person that now understands the problems I had and through talking I can now deal with anything and recognise the signs of stress and grief. It was an amazing service and would not hesitate recommending anyone who I though would benefit from talking to someone who is there to listen and is not personally involved. Thank you Una for helping me to work through issues I didn’t know were there and helping me believe and have confidence in myself again. The Libden centre is a lovely place to attend and everyone involved are so welcoming you are made to feel at ease the minute you walk in. Una has helped me realise that I wasn’t mad or insane to be having the feelings and emotions I was having and proving that the more you can talk about things the better you feel. One of the best things is that they allow you to attend as long as you or they feel necessary and that they also stress that you can contact the Linden centre in the future if you ever feel the need. Una has given me the confidence to question my thoughts and feelings and logically work through them. Thank you so much Un for all your support

Support Staff