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Written by a patient
1st July 2014

I've made a formal complaint to this GP so that gives you some idea of the experience's I've had. If you use the on-line patient access portal your looking at least 3 - 4 weeks before you can get an appointment. There's this ridiculous call in the morning for an emergency appointment system, can't imagine how anyone with a job could find this useful and if your taking time off work for sickness then it probably is genuinely serious. Reception is touch and go, sometimes you get someone nice and other times you get treated like an annoying child. My wife has actually been told she is too young to have Cancer when she was worried about a lump (she's over 30). I have been refused a prescription that a private professional dermatologist prescribed me over 5 years ago and told me was completely safe to use on a day to day basis, but now I have to call and request instead of getting on repeat prescription because the GP disagrees with that decision. I am already looking for a another GP but the area I live in is pretty slim on good surgeries and I have a busy job in the City that limits my ability to take time off work 'shopping' for a good GP. I would only rate one of the doctors at this surgery - I don't want to be slanderous so I won't mention any names.