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Written by a patient
11th February 2014

I do wish that this surgery would stop all this nonsense about ringing in first thing in the morning or at 2pm for an appointment the same day. In practical terms it means you can not go to work until you have phoned, which means you are late for work even if you can't get an appointment. I saw a nurse today at 10.30am today and was told I needed to see a doctor. I was told to either ring in at 2pm or turn up at just before 2pm for a possible appointment. Apparently, I could not book an appointment on the spot. I turned up at 1.55pm before anyone could have phoned at 2pm only to be told there were no appointments left. How does this work? Someone I knew turned up at the same time and they had rung up after I had been there this morning and was given an appointment. It was no more of an emergency case than mine was. Why oh why don't we go back to the way that worked? Turn up and wait until the doctor becomes available? I have no other complaints, but this is driving me (and half the village) nuts!

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