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11th October 2023

I’ve had mainly bad experiences booking a telephone appointment. One morning the automated service said I was 4 th in the queue and then the surgery phone just cut off. I ended up calling 4 times to finally get through. There should AJWAYS be 2 receptionists on duty. One morning whilst waiting to see the doctor the receptionist took 10 minutes to end a phone call because the patient at the other end couldn’t understand what the receptionist saying. The receptionist was so patient and and polite throughout.

Suggested improvements
I do have an issue with ventilation. Somehow, there should be at least one window ajar because since the surgery has amalgamated with another I feel it harmful to health to sit in the waiting room with no fresh air at all; with si many people, particularly since COVID is still around. Also, people cough and again that is another reason why ventilation is so important. Perhaps the windows could be changed so that fresh air isn’t blowing directly onto the waiting patients.