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Written by a patient
17th March 2016

Receptionists are very friendly and helpful most of the time. Understandably this isn't always possible when you have people waiting in a queue and the phone ringing waiting to be answered. My only gripe is the inability to get an appointment when its needed.. Having a condition that does not always give e me 8-10 days notice of a flare up I usually have to rely on emergency appointments system if there are any free. Doctors are lovely - This last year I feel the care has improved vastly by the empathy and help showed. Improvements could be to introduce a certain number of appointments for that day only. First come first served. Another doctor would be helpful at each surgery to maximise appointments. Sister practise uses doctors many more at each surgery. We seem to be the poor relations where our doctor timetable is concerned. But on the whole very happy with practise. Have occasionally got frustrated and wanted to change surgery - but I doubt any other is any different.