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15th October 2021

There are 2 receptionist I want to put forward, one is called Michelle she went above and beyond to help me to sort out my problems with PIP and help me to fill in the form for requesting my medical records and with that in mind I’m partially deaf and I have just had an cochlear implant done very recently and I’m unable to hear atm and also trying to sort out my sick note between doctors and the hospital, she is an absolute godsend keep up the good work and she also moved her masks down , so that I can lip read her whilst I have my mask up to protect her and everyone else … and the other receptionist name Rashan she always have a wonderful smile and very welcoming manner and she also remembers me from the day before and only met me once which it’s great considering how many patients coming through that door so keep up the good work ladies

The other receptionists need to understands to remove their masks for us deaf and HOH patients needs to lipread and I know that they are scared but if we have our masks up they can hear us but we can’t hear them

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