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Written by a carer
20th June 2010

This is a very efficient and well run practice. The only negative I can think of is that of transport: it has a large rural catchment area, but access via public transport can be awkward and very time consuming. We have tried several practices that are more practical to travel to but we returned to this practice purely because it is so much better. This means that my mother has to rely on me to drive her to appointments. Disabled access to the building itself is very good although parking can occasionally be difficult and you have to cross the high street to get to the surgery from the car park. Reception have been unfailingly helpful and courteous - in sharp contrast to the Kafkaesque characters I have come across in other practices. The on-site pharmacy makes life much easier, prescriptions are sent electronically from the doctor's office and ready almost immediately. The pharmacists are always helpful and forthcoming with advice. The doctors are generally excellent despite the occasional exhibition of an Edwardian manner.

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Nursing staff
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