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Written by a private patient
5th April 2022

I got referred to Mr Minas due to having a severe case of endometriosis that was causing me great pain. He was there from start to finish, from initial testing through to performing my surgeries and after care. From the moment I walked into Mr Minas' office I felt like my safety and wellbeing was his first priority. He took the time and care to talk me through my case in great detail and ensure I was comfortable and fully informed. This level of care has continued throughout. Mr Minas provided me with his direct number to reach out to him at any time, and frequently reached out to me in his personal time to update me with any news on my care. He remains extremely professional but also with a high level of genuine care at all times. Mr Minas' surgical skills are on another level. The extent of my endometriosis suggested that post surgeries I expected to be in a lot of pain, with long recovery times and very visible trauma to my body. This has not been the case at all. After both surgeries I have felt discomfort but no pain, the recovery progress has amazed me and all around me and my body has only minimal scarring to show for it. I cannot speak highly enough of Mr Minas. His patients truly are his number one priority, along his expertise in his field means he sets the bar very high for all health care professionals. I feel very lucky to have Mr Minas as my consultant. Anyone under his care will be in great experienced hands.

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