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Written by a patient
6th November 2020

I chose Mr Patel from the Bupa consultant finder when I was diagnosed as requiring potential cataract surgery. His medical details, qualifications and experience initially impressed me and informed my choice of consultant. From my initial consultation to my final follow up consultation I was fully confident in every step of the process. Mr Patel put me totally at ease and fully explained the options open to me in the choice of lens and it’s benefits. The surgery itself was very quick and painless and the improvement in my vision was immediate. During the surgery Mr Patel explained at each stage what he was doing and how much longer it would take. I had surgery on both eyes with a four week gap in between, influenced time wise by Covid restrictions. I would recommend Mr Patel to anyone requiring medical intervention in his particular field of expertise. He has a calming manner and is totally approachable! Finally, I must add the improvement in my vision is amazing and the benefits of not having to wear glasses goes without saying. If you have the option to be a patient of Mr Patel, don’t hesitate to make that choice.

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