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Written by a patient
7th February 2020

I was so lucky to see Mr Papettas, I can not praise him enough! I was diagnosed with a virus which then took over many parts of my body for months and after seeing consultants for other areas of my body I then found myself in his care and was so relieved when I ended up in A&E after a turn for the worse and he was also there to care for me. He explains everything thoroughly, some consultants whiz you in and out but he certainly never does. He's great at putting you at ease, calming and re-assuring. He performed a couple of procedures at the Nuffield hospital and they went very well - he was in my hospital room straight afterwards again explaining and re-assuring me that all was well, which was amazing to have that immediate information. He has a very friendly professional approach and my husband & I felt that he investigated every option thoroughly and I have every faith that I am now on the road to recovery thanks to him.

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1 2 3 4 5