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Written by a patient
17th April 2020

I became a patient of Mr Papettas on recommendation and from seeing how highly regarded he is within his respective field. I had a long standing condition that I had attempted to treat on the NHS and with another private consultant, which had taken a number of years, failing to resolve any of my symptoms. By the time I had booked an appointment, I was really struggling with pain management and quite nervous as to why I didn’t seem to respond to treatment. Within my first consultation, I explained the medical issues I was having, previous treatments, and apprehensions with potential future treatments. I immediately felt at ease as he explained to me potential causes, why certain treatments may have failed, and took time in explaining lines of treatment that he could utilise to help alleviate pain. He was kind, professional, and welcoming. It was evident that Mr Papettas genuinely cared about how I was and gave me a timescale on treatments and contingency options, should my symptoms still persist. Due to the duration of time I had been in pain, he was keen for me to have an initial investigative procedure as soon as possible. This was arranged for me just 13 days after my first consultation, which is amazing in itself. After that procedure, he advised me that surgery was most viable and effective way of treating my symptoms. We discussed, in detail, what the surgery involved, recovery, potential complications, and the intention. This was, again, personally arranged by him and at short notice. Cutting a long story short, the surgery was a success and I have now been asymptomatic for a month, after being in pain for years (Mr Papettas having solved this in less than 8 weeks). The relief I feel is inexplicable. I cannot express just how grateful I am for his time and treatment. An amazing consultant.

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