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Written by a patient
17th August 2016

Mr Michal Sut was very caring and sympathetic during my consultation for an Orchiectomy for possible Testicular Cancer on May the 6th 2016. On May 13th 2016, the day of my operation I was understandingly feeling very apprehensive, but the nurses and the surgical team were magnificent all day. The care and support they gave me from entering the ward right through to leaving post operation was very sincere and comforting. Mr Sut and his team visited several times before and after the operation to make sure I was O.K. and see if I had any questions. I was even contacted when I was at home to make sure my recovery and recuperation were going o.k. and an additional support/jock strap was sent out to my home address quickly and swiftly upon request. In a nutshell the care, help and support from the initial scans right through to post operation that I have received from the whole team at Peterborough Hospital was nothing other than magnificent. Thank you all very much indeed. Kind regards Aldrin Barter

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