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Written by a patient
21st May 2018

This review is long overdue but my recovery from surgery has not been without incident – all of my own making I would add! I had been suffering from shoulder pain for a while when I consulted my GP who diagnosed a ‘muscular skeletal’ injury. Initially I consulted a physiotherapist who, using ultrasound, diagnosed a partial thickness tear of the rotator cuff tendon. Subsequently I had a cortisone injection and even tried a course of acupuncture but to no avail. My shoulder movement became increasingly restricted and painful. I had to stop playing tennis, swimming and finally golf became too painful to play. I had been over a year suffering increasing discomfort and restricted shoulder movement, and to say I was pretty fed up is an understatement. I finally sought specialist advice, which with hindsight I should have done from the outset. I was referred to Mr Ahmed who ordered an MRI scan which showed a full thickness tear of the rotator cuff tendon which he advised would not heal on its own. Mr Ahmed gave me a very clear summary of the choices facing me and said that if I wished to resume my sporting interests he would recommend surgery. I took his advice and he performed an arthroscopic repair - 4 very neat, small keyhole incisions which healed with barely a visible scar. The surgery was very successful and I carefully followed Mr Ahmed’s strict rehabilitation protocol. I was helped in no small way by my excellent physio. After 6 months I had almost full movement and strength back in my shoulder; and had resumed most of my sporting interests. I then had a setback while playing golf. Fortunately there was no lasting damage but it did put back my total recovery. After that experience I would emphasise the need for patience and NOT to do too much too soon. Subsequent careful management resulted in my shoulder feeling stronger that at anytime in recent years. Also I’m pain free! It’s taken a long time to get there – some 15 months (it would have been sooner but for my setback). However it’s been worth it in order to get back to fully enjoying all my sporting interests (golf, tennis, swimming, skiing). Undoubtedly I have Mr Ahmed to thank for that. As a ‘shoulder man’ I cannot speak more highly of him. I found him very professional and personable, and can highly recommend him. Also I was very appreciative of the team who administered to me, in particular my physio, Roma (Spire Roding) for her encouragement and care; and Mr Ahmed’s PA, Janet, for her patience and understanding. I cannot fault any of the care I received or make any suggestions as to how the care service could be improved in any way. Thank you all but in particular Mr Ahmed. Richard Danzey May 2018

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