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17th June 2017
Written by a patient at Tonna Hospital

I've been a patient of doctor Megeri for a while now, he is the doctor who has diagnosed my ADHD, BPD, and Autism, after years of many psychiatrists dismissing my symptoms. I have had a few episodes where I've been really unwell, and he suggested a medication, without considering side effects, but when I made him aware I'd refused it, he actually listened, and accepted my reasons, he also agrees and shares in my frustration, on the lack of mental health services available in my area. Doctor Megeri actually seems to care, and seems human, in comparison with most psychiatrists, although there was still yet again the usual go to New Pathways, palm off, but I soon set straight that I don't need more counselling, I have my fabulous counsellor and support worker who attends my appointments with me, I don't need another. Doctor Megeri is unaware that he is helping to unlock some of the scared hidden thoughts, In that locked part of my brain, that I deliberately hide, and run from. I'm beginning to find freedom, as he is making me realise that I need to stand up for myself more, no matter how scary it may feel, although, sometimes, he can be too trusting, asking me, if, he, can trust me, to keep myself, safe, sometimes, is not a good idea, and he'd be better off, deciding it, from my thoughts, and presentation, than relying, on my unreliable opinion, that I often distort, in order to keep my freedom, no matter how unwell I feel, I'm not always great with honesty, when I'm scared, sometimes, he needs to listen more, to the concerns, of my support worker, who always attends with me, he gives a big clue, as he's the person I trust most, and knows me the best. I get seen at Gelligron but it's not available for selection so I have selected Tonna as they are connected, or I could not post this review.


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