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Written by a patient
16th January 2019

As a 77 year old, very over weight woman. I needed a knee replacement. I knew no one would do this, so I saw Mr Imbuldeniya, in the hope he would give me a pain killing injection. It was my right knee, I have an automatic car, with mobility scooter in the boot. The pain was so bad I was going to give up driving and be house bound. This doctor, after examining me, checking for fat behind the knee , said "I'll take it on" April 27 2018 done. I worked very hard at physio and my knee is better than ever bend well, pain free, I can drive where ever I want. This man is skilled, understanding, kind and a credit to himself and his profession. One last thing anyone who has a replacement MUST do the physio, yes it hurts to start, but gets easier quickly and the knee was hurtining before the operation, so what have you got to lose? Do PHYSIO!

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