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Written by a patient
27th June 2015

Just over a year ago I had noticed that my left eyelid was drooping more than usual during the morning and evenings. I am a 19 year old male with Congenital Ptosis caused by Marcus Gunn Jaw winking syndrome. The worsening ptosis had caused my eyelid to obstruct more vision than usual at periods when I was tired. I was referred to the consultant Ms Susie Sarangapani at Luton and Dunstable Ophthalmology Department, initially I was seen by a trainee doctor who decided I should have blood tests. Ms Sarangapani cordially agreed, I was later told one of the results of the blood tests was deemed to be inconclusive. Subsequently I went to Moorfields hospital, London and was tested for Myasthenia Gravis. The tests came back negative. This had all been a 6-7 month long wait and the tests came back long before the following appointment! Finally the Ms Sarangapani sat me down and told me quite rudely that the only option in this case would be surgery, however unfortunately due to her prediction that an "overcorrection" would be achieved in the event of ptosis surgery she refused further treatment. Ms Sarangapani then proceeded to give me a prescription for Optrex moisturising eye drops (I later threw this rubbish in the bin). I assertively told Ms Sarangapani that if surgery was the only option I would like to opt for it; at which point she still refused. I was completely unsatisfied with what Ms Susie Sarangapani had said, I felt it was unacceptable to say that obstruction of vision in my left eye was untreatable and I would simply have to put up with it. I requested a second opinion (something I have never done) and was told by Sarangapani "I would be told the same thing!" 2 months later I attended a consultation at Moorfields eye hospital Bedford and was told at that appointment that they would operate without any further delay (via an anterior levator resection) 7 days later I had surgery! It is absolutely disgusting that I had to try to 'persuade' Ms Susie Sarangapani to do her job which she obviously wasn't able to do. I am glad I pushed for a second opinion, I generally have a good experience at that particular hospital, the exception being with this particular consultant. Regards.

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