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Written by a private patient
25th September 2022

I had been thinking about tummy tuck surgery for many years. After having 3 babies, I was not happy. I am so pleased I found Miss Tadiparthi. She put me at ease and answered all my many, many questions. I decided to take the plunge 3 months ago. The surgery itself was not as bad as I thought it would be. The hospital staff were so lovely. My recovery was very, very quick, straightforward and pain free. The incision is so neat and I love my new belly button. 3 months on and my results are phenomenal. Gone is the pooch and I now have a wonderful flat belly. My clothes fit so much better- in fact I can now fit into clothes I would never dream of wearing. I’m also physically stronger and even my posture has improved. It really has been life changing and I cannot thank Miss T enough. I would highly recommend Miss T. Thanks also to Roja who was always on hand to help me.