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Written by a patient
2nd August 2016

Absolutely amazing Doctor and cares about the patient. I've had an uplift and 300cc implants and cannot fault the work done. Hardly any pain, extremely neat stitching and amazing symmetrical work. This doc takes pride in her work and the patient is at the core of her ethics. I am a patient in my thirties and visited many docs including the famed Mr Frati who in afraid just didn't do it for me. Too many of these companies spring up offering cheap BA but you certainly get what you pay for. They don't care for you, they are a business pure and simple. I went with spire Wellesley as I wanted to be close to home and I immediately felt relaxed with Ms Sirotakova. She asked what I wanted rather than told me what she wanted to do and then we discussed what was achievable. Other docs told me what they were going to do without considering what I might want especially as I wanted sub muscular high profiles which a lot of docs just can't be bothered to do because it's extra work. I cannot fault my care at hospital. I was there three days and it didn't cost me a penny more. One inclusive price, no hidden extras and fabulous results. I'll be recommending ms Sirotakova to all of my friends

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