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Written by a patient
24th May 2018

I was due to have oprelation to remove 8teeth had my pre-assessment in sept 2017 at basildon hospital, with Mr siddigui and he told me it would be a 6 week wait, well 6 weeks passed so I rang and told the what Mr siddigui told me an they laught an said more like a few months , then I receive a letter to go to broomfield for another pre-assessment on the 21st December 2017 then a heart scan on the 30th Jan which was all okay , then get a call in Feb 2018 an ask me if I would like to take a cancellation which I couldn't as Iam disabled and was due to stay in hospital over night so now iam still waiting after ringing pals an piont of access to find out when I will be having this op, I have not had any reply I now have to have another 3 teeth removed which is now 11teeth and have infection all in my upper an lower jaw bone all my teeth are exposed to the nerves Iv been in so much pain that I have been banging my hend on the floor as it's so painfull my dentist has sent more x rays showing the problems and first I get told from basildon that Mr siddigui don't work at basildon any more an that's why he put me over to broomfield then broomfield tell me he works at basildon an does not run clinic at chelmsford and it's been so long now that the 2 pre-assessments are now out of date Mr siddigui if you read this you need to get this sorted because you wouldn't leave an animal to suffer this long if you can't operate then you put me forward to another surgeon who can !! My dentist has never herd of such a cock up in all her years of being a dentist even pals are left speakless

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