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26th February 2016
Written by a patient at Gilbey

My first visit to doctor Pinnock was for a severe psychotic episode, where I requested a prescription for Promazine, as per my previous GP who had retired, he suggested that he wouldn't normally prescribe Promazine, and had a conversation about future alternatives, and gave other advice that I found helpful. I also attended to see doctor Pinnock for dysfunctional uterine bleeding, he prescribed me Cerelle mini pill to try to control the bleeding, it didn't seem to work, but after 3 weeks the bleeding finally stopped by itself, I don't need contraceptives so we agreed that we'd stop the Cerelle, and that I'd return if I have any further problems with dysfunctional uterine bleeding. I then visited doctor Pinnock after being discharged from Psychiatric unit, after assessment, for Physical effects (shaking) of anxiety, he prescribed Propranolol Beta Blockers, they did help a little, for the few months I had to wait before seeing the Psychiatrist pending my formal diagnosis. Doctor Pinnock seems to have a good understanding of Mental Health difficulties, and has been sympathetic towards the difficulties I have been suffering, and helped me end my misuse of New Psychoactive Substances, by sending a letter to my Psychiatrist, about the drugs I was using and why, he also prescribed a small amount of Diazepam, to help with withdrawal symptoms. I have since been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and am on medication to help control my condition, he placed trust in me to take Diazepam, and was understanding that I only wanted a minimal supply for fear of dependency. I've also visited doctor Pinnock for a chest infection, after a physical check up, it was decided the chest infection was a viral infection, unlike previous doctors who would have sent me away with unnecessary antibiotics, doctor Pinnock prescribed Codeine Phosphate, to combat the persistent painful cough, as Codeine Phosphate is a good cough suppressant as well as a good painkiller. I don't know of any way doctor Pinnock could improve to give greater care, he's the best GP I've ever found.


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