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Written by a patient
6th August 2019

I got very rare condition which is called Polyarterities Nodosa (PAN). 5 people per million, very hard to diagnose, very hard to cure, because of how rare it is, not treated will end up one way only. I had a lot of troubles, very poorly ,sick hospital in and out , for long time. Nothing seems to help , until i didn't meet Dr.Shirley Rigby I was hopeless. That was about 10 years ago . Today I'm full time working person having day to day routine life. She have put me thru all test and scans what would give her some clue and answers, she listened to me and look after me every time i was need it. Then she chose treatment which is working and we almost at the end of it with very good prognosis. I know she has worked with some others Doctors at the begging of all of it , but then She's look after me on her own, for very long time . In my opinion She is the best doctor in my live because I feel that she save my life. I want to say massive THANK YOU DOCTOR and DOCTORS what help at the begging , words isn't enough to express how grateful I'm. Think that I have said enough to make any patient of her, trustfull to that Doctor Thank you Doctor I can't say how grateful I'm that you are my Doctor. I think it always can be better etc. but in my case couldn't been better

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