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Written by a patient
27th January 2017

I had reconstructive breast surgery (DIEP) in June 2016. I was under the care of Miss o'cealaigh (plastic surgeon). During the whole procedure Dr Selwyn Robert was the anaesthetics. I have to say he was unbelievable,firstly before the procedure he introduced himself to me and my husband. Dr Roberts was extremely sensitive and caring and put me as ease, as you can imagine how I was feeling knowing that I was going to 12hr procedure. He also reasured my husband that he would take care of me. I have come across a lot of Doctors but I have to say he is one of the loveliest Drs I have met. The whole team were unbelievable especially my surgeons team and Dr Roberts. Fantastic Dr with extremely beautiful bedside manners. Thank you Yasmin Sarwar

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