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25th October 2016
Written by a patient at Leith Walk Surgery

I have had nothing but bad experiences with this lady and surprised she isn't yet struck off the register? Firstly her mannerisms are awfully rude, sits with her back to you typing on her computer, shows no signs of listening which I think is a major necessity if you are a GP! When she does look at you, it's a split second and no eye contact..again an important factor to build up a trusting relationship with your doctor. Secondly, went to get flu jag from her when pregnant and she sneezed, wiped her nose with a tissue and then opened the packet with the needle in that she was going to use. I wanted to know how far she would go without washing are hands and yes she was going for the jag without doing so. I wasn't having her snot and Germs all over me. I politely declined and suggested she use better hand hygiene before carrying out treatments, I was especially annoyed that I was pregnant so should she not be taken extra precautions? When my child was born I took her to the doctors one time as she wasn't feeling well and unfortunately we were left with Dr Sally again. She checked temperature and said to take paracetamol and it was a "viral" (oh those famous words) and sent us on our way! Hadn't checked throat or chest etc!! Suggested to her n she again say with her face in her computer ignoring me and mumbling. With ink that next hour of getting home my baby was rushed in and ambulance to yorkhill with pneumonia and ulcers all in her mouth in throat which the doctor would've been able to provide a spray to soothe the pain if she had looked in her mouth. The list could go on and on, only stayed at this practise as been there my whole life and Dr winters was a fabulous doctor who treated his patients well and with compassion and at least showed like he was concerned and listening! She's driven me away from my family doctors, no point as doctor winters retired now and she's a disgrace of a human being!! It's scary how this woman still works as a doctor as God knows what poor other people have ended up in hospital through her or worse as she doesn't care enough To try prevent any illness. She wouldn't like it if that was one of her family. Please don't go to this doctor as you will only have bad experience. Oh and just to add, I work within the NHS as a nurse so I know what expectations to have but even someone who isn't within the profession could tell you how she behaves is wrong. Ps it was Edinburgh road surgery I've been seen at, funny it's not showing in the list ???

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