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Written by a patient
11th September 2015

I have several chronic medical conditions which are on going, and I have had for several years.I have had the most caring and understanding help for many years.Medically, I have had excellent treatment, and although the Waiting Room may be busy, I have never felt that I have been rushed through my appointment. I have been with this practice for over 35 years, and my late mother was also a patient here. The night that she died, the doctor on call from the practice was with us until the ambulance arrived. The next morning, although it was Good Friday, the then Senior Partner arrived, to offer his condolences, and to see if I was alright. This is the thoughtfulness that this practice has always shown in so many ways. I have nothing but respect and thanks to all the staff at the Cornwall Road Medical Practice! And the confidence to know that I can always rely on them for excellent care. Thank you all so much. Di Windsor.

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