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16th June 2017
Written by a patient at Singleton Hospital

What an awful doctor.. why she still has a job I never know!! As a 13 year old, she never ever believed me of how ill I was.. told me that I just hated school and that I was a very depressed child and sent me to a mental health clinic, after going back to her in tears she told me "see you are depressed, and need mental help" later to discover I was never lying and I was extremely ill for years until they finally found I had Cushings disease... after being under Cardiff care they told me my type 1 diabetes developed through this Cushings that could of been prevented, which if she first listened to me and started tests would of not left me with a lifelong illness that's incurable!!! She's such a horrible person, to make a 13 year old feel the way she did and made out that I was lying to everyone just to avoid school is beyond disgusting! Anyone one trying to search her to get help don't stay away from her like the plague. She's ruined my child hood years.... and in a matter of fact my whole life by being stuck with diabetes!

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