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Written by a patient
8th August 2016

Dr Kerr is an excellent example of how NHS GPs should be. Friendly, knowledgeable, utterly professional, and striving to help patients who are in real need of a Doctor's timely attention, to get just that. I saw the Dr for the first time after developing a bacterial ear infection over the weekend, but based on this appointment I would certainly trust his advice on all medical matters. I am extremely grateful for his going out of his way to see me promptly with minimal bureaucratic complications, due to a work-related time constraint I was under. He has a cheerful, light and airy office, which impressively matched his manner, early on a Monday morning. I was treated promptly, courteously, and efficiently, with an entertaining anecdote or two to put my mind at ease along the way. I came away informed and confident in my treatment, but also aware of what I should do should the problem not improve. This website requests constructive advice, and the only that I can give would be please don't change offices as I understand renovations at the Surgery are potentially being discussed and i would consider this an unnecessary expense to the NHS given how pleasant Room 3 is at the moment. Regarding the Doctor's treatment, I genuinely cannot think of anything I would change. As a highly analytical individual this is a rare experience for me indeed. Please accept my sincere thanks Dr Kerr, and keep up the good work!