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Written by a NHS patient
8th August 2021

The nursing staff and general staff were very welcoming at this hospital. Dr. Silver is undoubtedly a very clever, experienced man and knowledgable in his field. However, he kept me waiting at every consultation,( once for over two hours without any explanation or apology). At each meeting, I felt physically rushed and pressurised, feeling sad, angry and frustrated at not being given the time and space to simply communicate openly with him. He often was rude, impatient and would talk over me. I wasn't allowed to ask questions about my condition or any given treatment. If patients are to build trust in their dr they need to be given the time and space to converse with them. If he asked a question, I had to answer immediately and this was impossible given I was so in so much pain. The emotional and psychological stress of not being able to converse with him as my dr, worsened my overall condition rather than going towards trying to make me better. Also, one off yearly appointments for someone with unremitting, debilitating migraines, in a state of constant status migrainousis and feeling suacidal almost daily, is not enough. Dr should be contactable between appointments if their treatments aren't physically working. I did not report these frustrations and failures in my patient care at the time to the hospital, for fear of it affecting my overall care. But I'm just so sad to think that with so much experience this dr lacks,(or has forgotten), the simple healing powers of compassion and understanding needed to be shown towards his patients. I really hope going forward he can learn from his mistakes, retain some humility and humanity, by giving patients simply more time and space and a kinder approach and then he could be the better Dr for it. Experience isn't helpful to patients without empathy attached. Kindness towards patients who are genuinely ill and in distress is as important,(if not more so), than clinical knowledge. I hope Dr Silver can become a better dr in future by taking these comments on board.

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