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Written by a patient
16th August 2008

Dr Tyrer sums up everything a dr should be. He listens and empowers his patients, something which many fail to either do or see the value of. He has a wide knowledge base and when something falls at the peripheries of this he takes it upon himself to learn more to facilitate his role as GP and to enable his clients. often times dr will be insulted or too arrogant to take into consideration the opinions or knowledge of their clients, but Dr Tyrer realises the advantage of having informed and intelligent patients and greets any research papers, books- even hunches and hearsay with genuine positivism. From it he customizes the clients care-making them a vocal part of it, as opposed to being powerless. He is one in a million and this is perhaps why he is so busy, and unfortunately appointments are difficult to obtain- a small disadvantage and down side (which is not something he can alter one would think) in an otherwise well rounded knowledgeable, firm but fair dr. Thanks ! - regards, K