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8th April 2016
Written by a patient at Churchill Medical Centre

I saw doctor Tite in February after a serious sinus infection. Two days after finishing atibiotics infection recurred. I had high temerature for three consecutive days. Dr Tite listened and nodded as I was listing my symptoms. She concluded that I suffered from just a common cold and advised to have a DVD weekend. During the weekend I was in agony experiencing pains of all kinds and fever up to 40 degrees. A more competent doctor diagnosed laryngitis and sinusitis and prescribed appropriate medicine. However after what my body went through, I am still not fully recovered. I was very disheartened after seeing Dr Tite who obviously didn't treat my symptoms seriously and I would not recommend seeing her by anyone who suspects that they might need more than paracetamol and DVDs to get better (because these are things you would try anyway before seeing a specialist). I was even more saddened by the fact that Churchill management did respond to my complaint until now. As a patient I feel left without support.

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