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Written by a patient
3rd July 2018

Mr Sultan carried out a sleeve gastrostomy in November 2017 following a consultation during late September 2017. From the first discussion with Mr Sultan regarding my weight, the implications to me health if left and the procedures that would be carried out leading up to the surgery and the recovery process following surgery I found the level of information clear and precise without any misunderstanding on my part of what would happen both before and after the operation. The surgery went exactly how Mr Sultan described it, the attention I received during my stay in the hospital, the medical team attended to every eventually making me feel at ease it what was potentially an overwhelming operation. My recovery is going exactly to plan with support from Mr Sultan, the hospital physiotherapy team and dietician, a process that continues for 18 months post operation. The proof is based on what has happened to me since the operation when my weight was over 124kg (19.5st) to 7 months on where I weigh 81.3kg (under 13st). I have no joint pains, my blood pressure has reduced to normal levels and have an overwhelming sense of wellbeing. The down side, I'm happy to say, is having to buy a new wardrobe of clothes having lost 9 inches off my waist. During my last consultation with Mr Sultan I thanked him for changing my life, which he has done without question.

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