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Written by a NHS patient
20th June 2021

I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and experienced light bleeding on Friday . I went to the early preganancy unit at UCLH but it was just shut. They told me to go to A and E. After waiting 2 and half hours, understandably anxious, Dr Lidder called me and said as I've already had a 12 week scan they won't scan me or run any tests, he then bluntly said if it was a miscarriage there was nothing they can do to intervene and sent me on my way. So after no tests, no scans to my absolute disgust on mymedical app after visit summary he had listed my diagnosis as ' miscarriage with complication' . I was absolutely gob smacked how can he be so negligent!!!! What a thing to write on someone's notes , my mother was so horrified she rang the hospital and they called me back to say he was wrong and his diagnosis was not correct as no tests were performed. I have no qualms about seeing a male doctor, but if you are going to see pregnant people at least show some compassion and professionalism, absolutely vile. I will be taking it further. I've now had to book a private scan for the anxiety this so called doctor has caused me. DISGRACE. If I could rate him 0 stars I would!!!!