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Written by a patient
25th October 2017

Dr Audsley is always the doctor I prefer to consult. She is caring, always makes you feel you are most important person at that time and never rushes you. She is sympathetic and ensures that she has covered all the criteria of your problem. She is obviously a very popular doctor, which doesn't surprise me in the least. The only problem is that it is very difficult to get an appointment with her, the price you pay for wanting to see such a competent doctor. I have certain conditions which have been discussed in depth with her, and although I have nothing personal against the other doctors, I do feel more comfortable speaking to her. I can't think of anything else I wish to add, other than I hope I can get an appointment soon, as there are health issues I need to talk to her about, albeit not what I would say is urgent at this time. (I have tried ringing at eight o'clock in the morning, constantly for half an hour at times until I can get through, but to no avail. I still cannot get an appointment with her).