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Written by a patient
31st October 2018

A lung shadow had been detected by, and I had run the gamut of scans through to PET scan and ultimately a CT-guided biopsy at, a Leeds private and Leeds regional NHS hospital. All tests failed to provide my Leeds-based pulmonologist with an answer but did finally frustrate his drive to cut a piece of my lung out, convinced as he was throughout that I had early stage lung cancer. I then (2104) turned to the lung defence team at Papworth Hospital Cambridge to which Dr Follows was attached as a specialist in the field of lymphomas, working out of Nuffield Health Hospital in Cambridge. A combination of Papworth, radiologists, lab technicians at Addenbrooks and Dr Follows alighted on a diagnosis of a relatively rare Malt Lung lymphoma. Dr Follows and a consultant oncology radiologist at Bedford Hospital then took my treatment forward through a course of low dose radiation therapy. Dr Follows is a real gentleman and gave me confidence throughout as being a leading national expert in the condition and explained everything thoroughly in the 3 or 4 consultations we had. The therapy was not at all gruelling (which is as he predicted) and in concluding that it had been a complete success in his view I liked his sign-off. "You might take this differently but I think it's good news that I don't expect to see you again and I'm pretty sure you'll die of something else, not a lymphoma!" Four years later, and when the Papworth team who monitor my bronchiectasis noted that there was no sign of recurrence of my lymphoma, it struck me that I had never doubted for those four years that there would be.

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