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4th November 2017
Written by a patient at Central Surgery

Avoid this doctor at all costs. I initially went to see this doctor for a pain in my abdomen and back and a skin rash. Instead of listening to me about the issues I had gone to see her about she started interfering in the treatment of my long standing hypothyroidism, in spite of the fact that I am currently under the care of a specialist endocrinologist for this condition. She insisted on requesting blood tests for my thyroid because the records at the GP practice indicated it had been a year since my last blood tests. I advised that, in fact, I had had many blood tests for my thyroid since this time, under the care of the endocrinologist and throughout and post my recent pregnancy and that I have a blood test request from the endocrinologist for which i already have an appointment. She noted that there was an issue within the practice regarding uploading consultants' letters to the medical records of patients and therefore that there was no record of these test results on my medical file at the GP practice. In this doctor's mind this oversight by the practice seems to have afforded her free licence to completely disregard what I was telling her. I note that a simple communication to Kingston hospital would have assured this doctor that I was in fact under the care of an endocrinologist and that I had, in fact, had recent blood tests for my thyroid if some unknown reason she thought I was lying (I am a senior lawyer in a major national law firm - I don't lie and this doctor had no legitimate cause to believe I would be lying). I agreed to take this test on condition that this doctor would not interfere with my treatment under the care of the endocrinologist (knowing that unfortunately the complex condition and treatment of hypothyroidism is all too often not understood my GPs). She said it would just be so the practice had a recent record. At a follow-up appointment she told me that the lab result indicated a slightly suppressed TSH and that this could indicate over treatment. This was not an unusual test result for me and nor does a TSH blood test give a full picture of thyroid health (I have had this condition for 14 years and one of the main skills in my profession is research so I know a fair bit about it). She told me she wanted to write to my endocrinologist to inform him of the result. Again I told her I did not want her to interfere and reminded her that I had an appointment for blood tests under his care, so I would see him shortly about this anyway. She told me she just wanted to let him know of the results and assured me that she would simply write one neutral line of text. On this basis, I gave her the name of the relevant endocrinologist. I was then horrified to receive a separate new referral to an endocrinologist made by this doctor via an e- referral process. I have not been afforded the courtesy of having sight of the detail of this referral. This doctor apparently completely disregarded everything I had told her and lied to my face about not interfering in the care of a specialist in relation to a complex condition she knows little about. I have yet to establish if her meddling has compromised my treatment under the care of the original endocrinologist (which has, after 14 years, finally helped alleviate my symptoms). The terms 'meddling fool' and 'a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing' spring to mind about this doctor.

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