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Written by a private patient
14th January 2022

When you're in a room with Dr Colin Tench there's only one person Dr Colin Tench cares about, and that person is Dr Colin Tench. Every moment of my consultation with Dr Tench was awful. I felt like I was the captive audience to the Dr Tench Show. He talked away with his own presumptions, laughed at his own jokes, bounced in his chair, played with this fingers, and generally preened about whilst I sat ruing the day I'd heard his name. He presumed my marital status (incorrectly). He belittled my career & minimised my professional status (I suspect he would not have done this had I been male). He smirked at every question I asked, and changed the subject (when eventually forced to answer my concern about medication side effects, all he could muster was "I'll give you a leaflet"). He talked away presuming I'd had tests that I hadn't had, he also presumed the results of those tests. He talked away presuming how long I’d had Psoriatic Arthritis and what my experiences had been, his presumptions were completely wrong. He made a show of pretending to do an examination and check my diagnosis, but didn’t look at my nails (pitted nails are a key indicator in the diagnosis of Psoriatic Arthritis) or check the joints I said were a problem. He turned his back as I tried to show him where the pain was. He pretended he didn’t have certain information from me, even though it was on his desk right in front of him and he'd referenced it moments earlier. He repeatedly forgot my name, and introduced me to another member of staff by pointing at me and saying "". I was self funding, not using health insurance, but Dr Tench didn’t offer to ask my NHS GP to help with prescriptions and tests. I would have declined, but this is the first time a private consultant hasn’t offered to ease the costs. Dr Tench owns a stake in the clinic I saw him at (One Wellbeck, London). In the end I was pleased to take an opportunity to just get out of the room, knowing the whole appointment was a waste of time and I would never, ever be coming back. I'd rather go without healthcare than experience that again.

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