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25th December 2016

We requested her replacement as our son's psychiatrist, in her care between 2009-11. She increased his benzodiazepine dosage, which his father, a medical doctor, decreased gradually over holidays, disregarding the 'rebound effect' and our written requests, she never felt she had to talk to parents, esp. as his diagnosis was ASD (she should know about his past since childhood), when father asked for an appointment, she said they could talk on the phone, when mother asked for an appointment after 2 years, she said on meeting her that that meeting was unnecessary and there was nothing to discuss, she was not at all knowledgeable about his condition (ASD) trying to take him back to the wrong diagnosis of schizophrenia (a clear medical error of many years affecting him adversely), apparently ignoring the subtle differences of symptoms between the two (Tom Berney 2004), disregarding the diagnosis of AS only by world leading authority/ASD specialist. Since he was taken off her care, and once withdrawn from benzodiazepines, from a person of ca78IQ, according to various psychological tests she had arranged for him, and from having the appearance of someone with "learning disabilities" (verbatim in her report) and someone who was almost lethargic and posed risk to children and young women (benzodiazepines cause disinhibition), he became a composed person, reactivated his UCAS application, did a foundation course and is now studying at university Maths and Computer Science, doing quite well, showing amazing power of concentration when at a task, though his ability to read his computer science books for hours on end, as he used to before his breakdown, has probably been affected (cognitive impairment) due to the wrongly prescribed antipsychotic and tranquillising (benzodiazepines, etc.) medication for over 15 years on the erstwhile wrong diagnosis of schizophrenia. Dr. Woolcock's treatment of his condition was to refer him to MAPPA, though he was not an offender (and was refused), and going down the forensic path for him, while refusing to wean him of benzodiazepines (which should have been her first priority to combat his disinhibition) known for their capacity to cause cognitive dysfunction, mental and behavioural abnormalities and disinhibition. We have been appreciative of all other psychiatrists caring for him.


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