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Written by a patient
6th July 2020

I have been obese since a very long time and have been seeking different opinions from different doctors across Dubai and after meeting them i was always confused to seek any medical assistance with regards to getting a surgery done for myself or no and i have been always contemplating about it but never happened to make up my mind After a consultation with Dr Chandra Puli i would only say that he is one of the Best Doctors i have ever happened to meet. who will not only guide you asses you and assist you from start to the end but also will be with you through out the entire process . i also learnt a lot about health and wellness before even going in for a surgery and also i got mental and moral support which was really helpful for me and i can close my eyes and with complete faith on Dr Puli's guidance i am prepared to take a positive step ahead which indeed be a life changing experience.