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Written by a patient
11th February 2018

Best Psychiatrist I ever had overs the years. Understanding and very helpful. I am currently seeking to see Dr Brian Timney privately due to care received by him. He my superstar consultant psychiatrist. Highly recommended. I need this psychiatrist again to achieve my goals and aspirations and I seeking to get a consultation with him at any cost to help me through this difficult time. He works at Carseview Hospital in Dundee and under Team 4 at Alloway Centre. I currently live in Glasgow but hoping to move back to Dundee just to be under the care of this consultant. I would happily travel hundreds of miles just to see him. I have been under the care of numerous psychiatrist's over a ten year period but never found anyone like Dr Brian Timney. He has substantial experience in the field of psychiatry and is very competent in his specialised field of work.

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