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Written by a NHS patient
3rd February 2021

Sensible and a good listener, understands what you need and want to know and adjusts his style to different patients. Deals very well with a family member who has high-functioning autism and auditory-processing difficulties - doesn't assume he is stupid or rush him to answer. Patient and sympathetic and willing to go into detail about e.g. drugs, pros and cons of treatment options etc. He joined the practice at a time when more than one of the senior and very well-established GP partners left, and quickly became popular with patients. He seems to know his stuff, is up to date and, in all, a very good GP. This is an extremely popular and well-regarded practice so he had a lot to live up to. Despite being a newly-qualified GP, he did really well from the start and he is probably the best GP I've had (since 1965!).