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Written by a patient
1st December 2017

I cannot recommend this service highly enough. Obviously treatment of this kind is very personalised and may not work the same for everyone, but I was matched with someone very suited to my needs and receive excellent treatment. The whole team are friendly and capable. For those whom private therapy is an option, I highly recommend it. The only thing I would note is that if you need wheelchair access, or struggle with stairs, I recommend to call ahead and make arrangements before you go. The old building's main entrance is inaccessible as it has two large steps which are too steep for a ramp (I think they have a workaround by using an alternate entrance) and many of the therapy rooms are upstairs. There is no lift, so they would have to make sure to book your session in a downstairs room, which they do for me as I use a walking stick. The ground floor is otherwise very accessible (no clutter) with a large disabled toilet.