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3rd May 2017
Written by a patient at Rosehill Surgery

I've been to see Dr Farnaz Arshid on several occasions and if I had to describe her in two words they would be curt and uncaring. She has no personable qualities at all. She does not lift her head from her computer/look you in the eye when you are trying to explain your symptoms. On the occasions saw her I felt like I was being an hindrance ... like I was taking up her time. A couple of months ago I had a knee operation and had to make a doctor's appointment for some advice a few weeks later. I asked Dr Farnaz Arshid if the feelings on a numb section of my leg would eventually return. Her response was 'Well you signed a consent form'. She didn't answer my question but seemed more concerned that I might try to sue the hospital. Whether or not I'd signed a consent form was irrelevant and was none of her business. But again it highlighted her uncaring manner. But I wasn't surprised by her response ... it matched the other times I'd seen her. Finally I was very ill two weeks ago with chest problems and had to call a doctor out for a home visit. It happened to be Dr Farnaz Arshid. After examining me, again in a very abrupt manner, she prescribed no medication and said that my symptoms would just go on their own. She seemed very upset that she had been called out, and this was confirmed when she told my mother that doctors should not be called out to a 48 year man (not sure what age has got to do with illness). Ironically I was taken to hospital two days later in an ambulance and my condition worsened - it took me two weeks to recover. I put I a complaint about Dr Farnaz Arshid - I certainly will not be seeing her again.

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