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The individual members of the team put me at my ease and helped me relax during a challenging procedure. I really felt that they were on my side and my thanks go to every single one of them. However, the pre-op regimen of the Moviprep consumption should be improved. The decision by the administration to save 1/4 litre for the morning of the op is badly conceived. The result of this decision, despite me (with the team's agreement) advancing by an hour the time I took it to 05:00, is that I had to rush to the toilet at 08:50 - 10 minutes before my taxi was due to arrive - and also rush to perform the necessary clean-up. Then two further rushes to the toilet happened at the hospital. The op was delayed, so the last rush was only 20 minutes before being rolled in to the theatre. I'm sure I'm not alone in being terrified of having an accident in a taxi or on the approach to the theatre and yet the decision virtually guaranteed it. A quick search of the internet for the Moviprep regimens endorsed by other UK health care authorities showed several who have it all taken on the previous day, and none that followed what I had to suffer. I also note the lack of instruction of over how long a period the Moviprep should be consumed on either day. You may dismiss this as over-sensitivity, but please change this Moviprep split - my next procedure is in 3 years, and if there is no change I will be severely tempted to follow other trust's recommendations rather than your own, or avoid the entire colonoscopy procedure completely.
Written by a patient, 8th December 2018